Building the business case for innovation

If your organization struggles to meet the day-to-day business needs when it relates to HR issues, and doesn’t have the right tools to accomplish those tasks, then this workshop is for you. Examine leading practices for developing and executing an effective digital HR transformation project that drives innovation and helps meet business objectives for performance and growth.  After this session, you will be able to articulate a strategic business case to your senior management about the necessity of having innovative technical solutions to your needs and:

  • Identify the differences between strategic and tactical HR and how to map these to your organization’s values, mission, and priorities
  • Learn how to create a sustainable HR transformation program that drives continuous improvement
  • Develop an ROI business case foundation to allow your HR to ask senior management for the budget to create proactive processes with innovations and extensions
  • Step through the high-level needs commonly faced by organizations, such as how to hire employees vs. how to support the growth of the organization, and how to resolve those issues with technology solutions such as ROI surrounding time to hire
  • Identify cost savings opportunities and key areas for innovation across HR systems, processes, and operations, including the value of a true multi-tenant SaaS environment, and determine if, and when, it makes sense to move your SAP ERP HCM applications to the cloud

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