SAP SuccessFactors: What every on-premise customer needs to know

This session arms you with key details on SAP SuccessFactors, from the latest features to future directions. Get guidance on how to better prepare for the move to HR in the cloud — from developing a convincing business case, to choosing strategic partners and appropriate tools, to learning tips and tricks to ensure smooth implementation and go-live, saving time and money. By attending, you will:

  • Navigate a decision tree to assess your existing SAP ERP HCM system to determine which implementation option — including talent hybrid, side-by-side, and full cloud — best aligns with your organization’s needs
  • Learn about rapid deployment options and tools to make migration faster and easier
  • Gain valuable lessons learned from earlier adopters

Review some SAP SuccessFactors solution offerings via demo. Take home a full data flow map showing the integration points between SAP SuccessFactors modules in a full cloud implementation.

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